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Are you in need of new tyres?

MCS Car Repairs offers a free no obligation tyre check, contact us if you are worried about the condition of your tyres or for general help. Should you require new tyres, our mechanics can give you the best advice and array of options to suit your needs.

Not all tyres are created equally and reputable manufacturers make their tyres based on performance benefits and different types of weather conditions.

All season tyres merge the elements of summer tyres and winter tyres creating a tyre that has positives of both, meaning you can drive with them all year round.

Summer tyres have been designed using a softer rubber compound compared to winter tyres, which ensures a better grip and superior handling when out on dry and wet roads in warmer conditions.

Winter tyres have been developed by manufacturers to provide customers with additional driving performance while driving on winter roads. They have been developed to work more effectively below +7°C in both wet and icy conditions. This gives you a far greater benefit of grip and handling keeping you safe and road legal.

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